1. Mode of Payments

        We only accept credit card payments via Paypal.


  1. Shipping Prices

Shipping prices will depend on the country. We use DHL Express as our partner courier.


       3. Packaging

This will add that special touch to those gifts! Special packaging for occasions is available, but is subject to additional charges.

Ex. Ribbons and Dedications - email sliv.manila@gmail.com for more information in availing these special requests.


     4. Engraving Service

The engraving service is free of charge*. There is no character limit. However, the font size will vary depending on the length of the text to be engraved.


We also engrave foreign characters. Please input the text with the foreign characters in the space provided for the engraving.


*We also accept special requests and engraving of logos. However, these are subject to additional charges depending on the complexity of the design. If you would want to avail of this service, just input **check email** into the engrave text box provided, and send the logo/photo to sliv.manila@gmail.com.