About Us

Sliv was born out of a need - to address bad posture. Not the first thing in mind when you think of a leather goods company, but this was the first step for the solution-driven founders, Riv & Ryan.

During a class in university, the partners noticed their classmates suffering from bad posture and serious back problems. These were due to bulky wallets that forced them to sit in an unnatural position. While the simple solution would have been to take out the wallets during class, people tend to overlook simple solutions when faced with bigger tasks like projects and exams that keep one's attention.

Wanting to address this issue, the partners designed the Trento: a slim wallet that fits nicely in one’s front pocket, without compromising functionality, design, and quality. 

Since then, the company has grown its passion for solving problems. They have upgraded the Trento and developed more smart leather goods, such as money clips with card holders and quick-access passport holders. While these cover just a small portion of every day, that is one less worry for every day.

Sliv will continue to deliver products that cover the essentials so society can toward their goals with ease and comfort.